Guitaro 5000 Throws His Support Behind Global O2 Day

Solo guitarist and singer Guitaro 5000 has been traveling the United States in recent months asking people in public venues to join him on his YouTube video series “Sing With Me.” Now he’s asking the world to join him in a major event this week.

Pop Band IMY2 Promotes Global Airway Health Day

Observed annually on Oct. 2, the international day raises awareness about the importance of airway health. The members of the breakout American pop band IMY2 say they care about health. Now the Nashville, Tennessee trio is asking fans to join a global cause in a public service announcement. “As performers, we take our health very …

Bollywood actress Riya Sen backs Global Airway Health Day

Indian actress Riya Sen wants people in her homeland and around the world to know that improper breathing can adversely impact their daily lives. An advocate for various worthy causes throughout her career, Sen has now recorded a public service video encouraging people to join Global Airway Health Day on Oct. 2.

K-pop Singer Jang Han-byul Joins Other International Stars Supporting Global Airway Health Day

K-pop superstar Jang Han-byul has added his voice to a growing number of Hollywood and international artists supporting the upcoming Global Airway Health Day.

Randy Couture Encourages Fans to Join Global Airway Health Day

Randy Couture from becoming a champion and a Hollywood star. For that reason, it’s no surprise the multiple wrestling champion and star of The Expendables movie franchise has thrown his weight behind Global Airway Health Day, which is observed every year on Oct. 2.

Make it easy for your respiratory system at all times

By Benjamin AcostaInternational Health Writer In celebration of the upcoming Global Airway Health Day this coming October 2nd, below we share the five common situations in our daily life in which we can help our body to breathe better. 1. WHEN DOING PHYSICAL EXERCISE If you do some sport, when exerting yourself, if the posture …

Global Airway Health Day and Webathon Reach One Million People

More than one million people were reached worldwide by the Global Airway Health Day 2020 campaign and its first-ever O2 Breathe-A-Thon. That accomplishment was the product of an intensive social media, marketing and informational campaign as well as strategic partnerships leading up to the commemoration of the annual international day on Oct. 2, which was …

Dental Hygienist Fights Against Mouth Breathing in Children

Janice Eadie is a pediatric dental hygienist on a mission: prevent and treat mouth breathing in children. She will speak at the webathon commemorating Global Airway Health Day on Oct. 2. The Toronto, Canada-based dental professional is currently working on an online educational course for parents to help their little ones inhale the air they …