K-pop superstar Jang Han-byul has added his voice to a growing number of Hollywood and international artists supporting the upcoming Global Airway Health Day.

The former lead singer of the band Led Apple and television celebrity released a public service announcement encouraging people to join the international day taking place Oct. 2. In the video, he also performs a song for his fans all over the globe.

Han-byul joins smooth jazz master Kenny G,wrestler-turned-actor Randy Couture of The Expendables fame and Indian actress Riya Sen in the international campaign of the Foundation for Airway Health to raise awareness about airway conditions affecting millions of children and adults around the world.

Jang Han-byul (Credit: By 株式会社アイエス・フィールド)

The Brisbane, Australia-born K-pop singer was the lead singer for Led Apple for three years before launching his solo career.

He debuted with the popular band with the mini-album CODA in 2011 and went on to record the single hits “Sadness,” “Time Is Up,” “Let The Wind Blow,” “Are You Eating Well,” “With the Wind” and “Left Alone.” Han-byul is multilingual, speaking Korean, English, Japanese, Chinese, French and Latin.

After his successful three years with the band, Han-byul decided to pursue a solo career, recording several records and releasing hits like “I’ll Be There For You,” “Call My Name,” “Shooting Star” and, more recently, “Luka & Bahagia” and “Retak.”

He has also gone on to become a reality TV star appearing in South Korea’s popular shows Code: Secret Room and Society Game.

The singer has also taken part several variety shows and music shows as an MC and has also made cameos appearances in dramas like To the Beautiful You and Reckless Family 2.

Han-byul has also performed in the original soundtracks for dramas like Pretty Boy, Sassy Go Go, Remember and I Picked up a Star on the Road.