Solo guitarist and singer Guitaro 5000 has been traveling the United States in recent months asking people in public venues to join him on his populat YouTube video series “Sing With Me.” Now he’s asking the world to join him in a major event this week.

“As a musician who takes health seriously, I encourage you to join us Oct. 2 as we celebrate Global Airway Health Day,” he says in a video for the Foundation for Airway Health Day after opening with an original performance about breathing and self-care.

Known also as Global O2 Day, the international day will feature a webathon to raise awareness about airway conditions affecting millions of children, women and men around the world. Airway health issues decrease the quality of people’s daily life and often have dangerous and long-term consequences, according to the foundation.  

“Artists like Guitaro lend their voices to issues that are important to them, so we are proud to have him join a chorus of amazing musicians and actors raising their voice for airway health,” says Dr. Howard Hindin, Foundation for Airway Health chairman. “We have seen him bring people together with his songs, performances and videos that have been shared millions of times on the internet. His voice is important to help people become aware of the importance of the airway, proper breathing and upper respiratory conditions in people’s lives.” 

Twenty-twentyone marks the third edition of Global Airway Health Day and the second time a webathon is used to raise airway awareness worldwide. Part of the foundation’s mission is to bring attention to the airway-centered disorder, an often undiagnosed condition affecting millions in America and around the globe. Dr. Hindin says ACD is a structural and functional condition that results in an obstruction of the upper airway, affecting the effort and ability to breathe 24 hours a day. The foundation hopes to help get more people tested for the condition and get treatments to correct it if necessary.

Guitaro performing with band.

Airway issues have been highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the wildfires that have been happening around the planet in recent years, including 2021, says foundation executive director Sal Rodas. “Our webathon will feature doctors and other experts on how to identify breathing issues that affect everyday activities and long-term health,” he says. He encourages people to talk to medical experts, from doctors to dentists, to test for possible obstruction of the airway and other conditions. 

Rodas is pleased to have Guitaro join a roster of popular performers and Hollywood and Bollywood stars that support airway health awareness. They include smooth jazz master Kenny G,wrestler-turned-actor Randy Couture of The Expendables fame, K-pop sensation Jang Han-byul and Indian actress Riya Sen in the international campaign of the Foundation for Airway Health to raise awareness of breathing conditions. 

“We love Guitaro’s energy, vibe, message and songs, so we are pleased to have him in our public service announcement for Global Airway Health Day,” states Rodas. 

New Jersey-based Guitaro, whose name is Reginald Guillaume, has been growing a strong base on his own with his music, performances and videos. The Haitian-American artist likes to share creative music tips. His video “Turn Your Guitar Into a Drum Set” has been watched close to 10 million times. His popular video series “Sing With Me” has taken him to dozens of cities across America inviting people to perform their favorite songs with him, a powerful statement about the power of music to unite people and bring out the best of themselves.

Guitaro has come a long way from his beginning as a singer for hire for intimate wedding proposals, cocktail hours and events, armed with his signature acoustic guitar and an encyclopedic knowledge of hit songs that spans decades, from the 1950s through today’s Top 40.

Effective breathing is a central theme of Global Airway Health Day on Oct. 2, 2021. Get your free tickets today at