Observed annually on Oct. 2, the international day raises awareness about the importance of airway health.

The members of the breakout American pop band IMY2 say they care about health. Now the Nashville, Tennessee trio is asking fans to join a global cause in a public service announcement.

“As performers, we take our health very seriously and we want to encourage you to join us on Oct. 2 as we celebrate Global Airway Health Day,” says frontwoman Annalise Mahanes in a video, flanked by bassist Carl Tucker and guitarist Michael Monahan. The band then goes on to perform a bit of their hit “Bullet,” whose video has more than 600,000 plays on YouTube.

Also known as Global O2 Day, the annual commemoration raises awareness about airway conditions affecting millions of children, women and men around the world. According to the Foundation for Airway Health, airway health issues decrease the quality of people’s daily life and often have dangerous and long-term consequences.


“Younger generations of world-caliber and influential artists like IMY2 are savvy about the important issues affecting the present and future of their fans in America and beyond,” says Dr. Howard Hindin, Foundation for Airway Health chairman. “We are proud of getting Annalise, Carl and Michael’s support to increase awareness about airway conditions. We are confident that IMY2 will conquer the world with their music and their caring for important causes.”

For his part, foundation executive director Sal Rodas says that it’s a “privilege to have the support of talents like IMY2” who have all the elements to achieve great success in the music business. “In connecting and working with people like Annalise, Michael and Carl, we realize the world is and will be in good hands as they lead the world in their respective fields,” he added. “because we need more socially conscious persons like the members of IMY2 to continue to advocate for initiatives like the upcoming Global Airway Health Day.”

This will be the third year of Global Airway Health Day and the second time the Foundation will commemorate it with an international webathon. One of the main focuses of Global O2 day is to bring attention to the airway-centered disorder, an often undiagnosed condition that afflicts millions in America and abroad. ACD is a structural and functional condition that results in an obstruction of the upper airway, according to Dr. Hindin, the Foundation chairman. He says the disorder can affect the effort and ability to breathe 24 hours a day–especially during sleep. “ACD is a serious medical condition affecting at least 10 percent of the US population of all ages,” Hindin points out. “Yet, it remains highly underdiagnosed and misunderstood.”

Proper breathing is essential for good health, says Hindin, a doctor of dental surgery who is a pioneer in the relationship between dental issues and whole-body health. “We’ve forgotten how to breathe,” he states. “It’s important to help ourselves to do it right and eliminate all the obstacles that may get in the way of proper breathing. We have to keep in mind that breathing is everything.”

Annalise Mahanes, IMY2 lead singer.

Rodas adds that airway health is more important than ever with the breathing issues highlighted by the current COVID-19 pandemic and the wildfires that have been regularly happening throughout the planet for the past several years. “Our webathon will feature doctors and other experts on how to identify breathing issues that affect everyday activities and long-term health,” he says. “We encourage people to talk to medical experts, from doctors to dentists, to test for possible obstruction of the airway and other conditions,” adds Rodas. “The sooner, the better, especially in the case of children.”