Arnel Pineda, frontman of one of the world’s greatest rock bands of all time–Journey, has added his voice to a growing number of international artists, celebrities, influencers and medical experts who are raising awareness about respiratory issues.

The public service announcement first shows Pineda singing classic lines of one of Journey’s greatest hits. He then talks to the camera saying he depends on his voice to perform and that he understands the importance of a healthy upper respiratory tract. The singer almost lost his voice many years ago.

After months of recuperation, Pineda went back to performing, becoming even a bigger star in the years that followed. He fronted various bands like New Age, the Rolling Bones, Most W@anted and also enjoyed a successful solo career for a while.

Arnel Pineda of Journey performing in Macau, 2009. Photo: Phey Palma.

Back in the 1990s and in the middle of an already successful career in his native Philippines and Asia, a difficult personal journey led to health problems that compromised Pineda’s vocals to the point that doctors told him he might never be able to sing again. But the artist never stopped believing that a brighter day awaited him on the world’s music stage.

In 2006 he formed The Zoo in the Philippines, a band that would open up more international doors thanks to their renditions of covers by popular bands like Survivor, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Air Supply, The Eagles. And also Journey. When this American band was looking for a new lead singer in 2007, the stars lined up for Pineda’s selection.

Pineda debuted as Journey’s frontman at the Chile’s Viña del Mar International Song Festival that was watched by 25 million people in 2008. He’s remained the band’s frontman ever since, playing to sold-out stadiums worldwide, recording best-selling albums, performing at the Superbowl, and scoring Top Ten hits like “After All These Years.”

That is not bad for a singer whose voice was once almost destroyed.