Carlos Moreno Jr, actor and filmmaker.

As cities and states across the nation continue a gradual reopening during the coronavirus pandemic, several actors from the movie “Coco” are sending a big “Thank you!” message to all the children who have stayed at home to slow down the spread of the deadly COVID-19. The artists recorded “We’re All In This Together,” a video that also asks kids to remain vigilant against the virus that has killed more than 176,000 people and infected more than 5 million in the U.S.

“Children are also among the unsung heroes of this pandemic,” says Carlos Moreno Jr., the actor who directed the public service announcement from his isolation at home in Los Angeles. “Our kids have sacrificed so much while staying at home. Staring boredom in the face and facing other challenges, they’ve helped to slow down this terrible pandemic.”

Wanting to do something for those children, the filmmaker reached out to colleagues of Academy Award-winning “Coco”© who had joined him at a parade in Pasadena, California, representing the film. Moreno Jr. invited them to be part of a video to thank the children and raise more awareness of what is working against COVID-19.

The actors themselves recorded their messages at home using their smartphones for “We’re All In This Together.”             

The group is described by Moreno Jr. as “The Little Voices of ‘Coco’,” composed by more than a dozen actors who voiced many of the small but essential characters that populate the Academy Award-winning animated film.

“I accepted because I love my ‘Coco’ family and I believe we have a responsibility to be a voice for others, especially children,” says actress Vivianne Nacif. “I also accepted because I believe a message always gets across better when it’s done with so much love and kindness.”

For her part, actress Blanca Araceli has some advice for the kids, “Be safe and love your family, community and yourself by staying at home and following the rules.” Adds actor Eduardo Roman, “The more we follow these instructions, the faster all of this will pass.”

The video comes out at a critical time when the nation struggles with the pandemic and what to do next. The PSA delivers a fun, engaging and positive message from the talented actors who voiced characters in “Coco.”

“We want to tell you that social distancing is working against the virus,” says an upbeat Moreno Jr. Adds Araceli, “And you are helping by staying at home. Thank you, thank you!”

Other actors chime in with what works to keep the coronavirus at bay. “Use warm water and soap for just 20 seconds,” says Ruth Livier, holding her lovely puppy. 

“If you need to go out, stay at least 6 feet from other people,” says Eduardo Roman in a serious but protective tone, looking professorial.

Children are reminded of fun activities to do at home to beat tedium, like playing video games, reading books, and watching films. “Or create some art,” suggests Denise Blasor before talking about school duties. “Don’t forget your homework!”

Another actor manages to bring up what may be unmentionable to some youngsters. “You can even tidy up your house, too,” declares Lombardo Boyar.

For his part, Daniel E. Mora talks about friendship. “Ask your friends how they’re doing, show them you care,” he says. “That’s what good friends do,” adds Jossara Jinaro, who also reminds children not to forget their siblings. “And your parents, too!” she exclaims before getting a hug from her son, Liam Bogado.

Daniel E. Mora, actor

The PSA also features other children who lend their voices to a chorus with a positive message of unity and which serves as the title for the video, “We’re All in This Together.” They are: Matthew Ramirez, Kayda Garcia, Elise Iduñate, Dante Oubina, Luna Oubina, Scarlet Kim, Alexis Kim, Liam Bogado, Leezandro Moreno, Deelilah Moreno, Xzander Moreno, and Melody Moreno.

Furthermore, the video also incorporates colorful and dynamic illustrations by Dahveed Kolodny-Nagy of Smorgasbord Productions and Jake Bright to emphasize the main points to fight the coronavirus and make it more fun for children.

“We’re All In This Together” is already having an echo in some schools. Carrington Middle School in Durham, North Carolina posted the video on its Instagram page. Inspired by the actors’ community commitment, the school invited Moreno Jr. to announce the winners of its recent online student talent show. 

Another campus that posted the PSA online is the Los Angeles School of Global Studies in Southern California. Some of the actors in the PSA have a history of volunteering at that high school. Moreno Jr. and Mora have supported the high school’s annual College and Career Day, sitting down with youngsters to talk about opportunities in higher education and future labor markets.

The public service announcement was produced by Carlos Moreno Jr.’s company Bruh Pictures in association with Massimo Productions. A version in Spanish is also available.

“We’re All In This Together” is running on YouTube. A high-resolution copy of the PSA can be made available for direct embedding in news sites, blogs and other websites. Teachers, school districts, nonprofit organizations and other entities can also get a high resolution copy.

The link for the Spanish-language version is url=